Friday, 7 September 2012

Lab Express- Reaching out to You!

Chemicals have reached every domain of life today. Be it an industry’s raw material, an artist’s paints, a pen’s ink, or a sleeping pill… chemicals are to be found everywhere. Not just these, they are needed inside the body too. The ,amino acids matter as much for our body, as food does. In this scenario, it is very important for us to purchase only the purest chemicals, and of the right concentration, else the results may vary.

Lab Express is a chemical and drug manufacturing company which brings for you the chemicals that are free from extraneous elements of any kind, and ensures that they are just in the right strength, as established by United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and American Chemical Society (ACS), which set the standards and specifications for the chemicals that are usually required in analytical testing.

Lab Express- In your homes: Using Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution to rinse the mouth or applying on the body heals the minor wounds because of its antiseptic nature. Similarly, Benzoic Acid acts as a food preservative and is a precursor for the production of many other important organic substances. The concentration should be accurate. Lab Express uses methods like Powder Blending and ,Liquid Blending to ensure the right mix.

Pre-yield methods: The formulation of every drug is unique and thus the blending processes cannot be identical either. That is why ,powder blending is very Read More

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