Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lab Express - Importance of Safety and Quality Certifications in Chemicals business

Chemicals are abundantly used for manufacturing processes and serve different purposes. Hence, manufacturers have to partner with laboratory chemicals suppliers to meet their needs. While impressive chemical catalogue, reputation and timely delivery are major factors, safety and quality certifications also form an important must-have. Leaving aside the most general though significant points, let’s focus on the ones that are lesser known;

Undisrupted supplies

Governmental agencies nowadays pay careful attention to safety norms in any industrial place. If there are any deviations from the underlined code, the work can be put off and the firm may have to handle legal issues. In such scenario, parties availing services from the firm suffers. Same is true in case of chemical firms. Joining hands with a firm that pays little attention to the safety norms can disrupt production processes. That is why big firms are very choosy about whom to make a laboratory chemicals partner.

Safety promises quality

In case safety procedures are not followed and the same leads to any error that goes unnoticed for some time, there is fair chance that quality of the chemicals will be compromised. This can be true for food grade materials as well as chemicals like Citric Acid solution. In such situations, quality of the final product will suffer. So, it can be argued that safety and quality issues are not independent of each other. Both intersect at some place and if it is better to keep safety into perspective.

Certifications are business friendly

Every manufacturer wants to render the best quality product to the targeted customers and expand its market size. As aforementioned, chemicals play an intrinsic part in product manufacturing nowadays. Thus, manufacturers want to make sure that the chemicals supplied to them are of high quality. This can be achieved by studying quality certifications. So, in a way, certifications are business friendly and help a chemicals firm in making sales. In the absence of such certifications, doubts prevail in the mind of manufacturers, and we know that they are not a good thing for business.

Certifications reaffirm decisions

Businesses are always in dither when they are choosing a new chemicals partner. Considering the fact that chemicals are such important part of products nowadays, a mistake can cost a lot. Certifications from appropriate agencies reaffirm decisions by asserting the quality factor. FDA regulations and manufacturing procedures under GMP and ISO standards are often looked highly by distinguished players. So, such certifications reaffirm decisions made by companies.

The right way

Even if we leave aside the benefits that following safety and quality standards bring, going with the two is surely the right thing to do for any company. As part of the society, it is better to promote procedures that work in everyone’s favor rather than just looking for one’s own short term benefit.

It is better to partner with a chemical firm that gives importance to safety and quality parameters laid down by appropriate agencies. One can also gain the idea of a company’s credibility through its ventures with reputed firms. So, be it Acetonitrile, Mineral oil USP or any type of chemical, make sure to partner with the best.

Lab Express is a chemicals manufacturing and distributing company active in the business since 1998. Along with chemicals like Bacitracin Zinc and ACS Chemicals, it also offers specials like Propylene glycol and Methanol, HPLC.For more visit Lab Express web page .

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