Wednesday, 5 September 2012

4 Points to Look in a Chemicals Partner

Be it a product or service, one is always doubtful when choosing something new. There are apprehensions regarding quality, taste, usability and many other characteristics. Same is the case when manufacturers look for a chemical firm to partner with. Chemicals form a very important component of products that we use in day to day chores. Hence, a manufacturing company doesn’t wish to get wrong in such a critical element. To make sure they partner with the best citric acid solution or mineral oil USP supplier, reputed firms usually take the following points in consideration.

Machinery and Equipments

Technology is playing significant role in everything we do nowadays. Chemical field is no different. A chemical supplier can render high quality chemicals only if it is in possession of the best technology in the market. To meet bulk orders in time, there has to be machinery that can support the manufacturing processes. While manufacturing requires different technology, to render services like liquid blending, a company needs to have the appropriate equipments. Hence, machinery is important.

Certifications and accreditations

As aforementioned, chemicals are used in almost everything nowadays. Be it to enhance the shelf life or as main ingredient, chemicals are obligatory. Hence, the existence of certifications and accreditations that signify a model chemicals manufacturer is quite obvious. Kosher and Halal certifications are renowned to signify companies that operate under strict quality standards. Manufacturing processes following GMP, ISO standards and FDA regulations also signify a quality chemicals firm. Hence, it is better to look for citations of the same.

Manufacturing rate

A dominating chemicals firm can meet project orders well before the quoted time. It is possible only if it has production capabilities and manpower at hand. It is often a point that segregates a big player from a relatively smaller one. For instance, if there is a bulk order for Bacitracin Zinc but time frame quoted for supply is comparatively smaller, then, a company with limited capacity and personnel wouldn’t be able to furnish results on time. That is why big companies normally join hands with the likes of Lab Express. Therefore, manufacturing rate matters a lot.

Past and Existent partnerships

An established chemical company with a standing in the market has a history of partnerships with established firms. Business trades with distinguished names signify that the firm is trusted and respected for its products. Hence, before joining hands with a new firm, it is worthwhile to scour through its history to look for the firms it has partnered with. Companies usually love to underline their good work. Hence, there is a rare chance one can come across difficulty in confirming the point.

In addition to the above mentioned points, one can also study offered range of chemicals because it doesn’t make business sense to keep more than one chemical partner. On afterthought, experience also counts.
So, this was all from Lab Express, a chemicals manufacturing and distribution firm since 1998 with more than 20,000 fine chemicals and intermediates on offer. Partner with the best.

Lab Express is a chemicals and pharmaceutical company supplying small as well Fortune 500 companies since 1998. It offers wide range of products such as organic chemicals, ACS chemicals, food ingredients, oils, reagents and many more.

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