Thursday, 5 July 2012

Products and Services of Lab Express

Products and services on offer tell a great deal about the company; even more could be understood from the range it offers. The fact is especially true in case of a chemicals company. If products and services in a firm’s range are countable on the tips on one’s fingers, the firm in talk is probably a small enterprise but if a company portfolio is large enough to require jotting on pages, then it is surely the big shark in the water. Lab Express falls in the latter category. So, let’s have a peek into the products and services that Lab Express offers.
For a chemicals company to establish a name in the business, having a comprehensive catalog of products is very critical. In today’s time, chemicals are the commodities that find their way into most of the items that are used on daily basis. From cosmetics to edible goods and durable consumer goods to industrial materials, chemicals, in many cases, form basic ingredients.
For a major firm like Lab Express, it is essential to be active in ACS chemicals, laboratory chemicals, amino acids, Mineral oil USP, alcohol, cosmetics ingredients, organic chemicals, food ingredients, vitamins and derivatives, nutritional extracts, oils, reagents and other important categories.
Lab Express has fared well in this field by having a diverse chemicals catalogue to cater to the needs of its chemical clients. With chemicals like Lidocaine USP, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol and mineral oil USP, it has established a name among major manufacturing players.
With chemicals like HACCP Food Manufacturing and Magnesium Ascorbate, it has earned the trust of medical firms. Moreover, it has holds the distinction of catering to the chemical needs of Fortune 500 companies. Long story short, Lab Express deals in 20,000 fine chemicals and intermediates. This makes it one of the leading players in the chemicals field.

Being a major chemical products player is no longer enough to keep a company afloat in today’s gloomy times. Diversification is required to service clients that are looking just more than products. Keeping the same in mind, Lab Express ventured in the services field and provides services of custom manufacturing, formulations, powder blending, liquid blending, special packaging and technical services among many others.
The idea here is that the client you have been servicing with products might also be in need of chemical services. Not considering such a large client base could only be a big mistake.
Other Prominent Points
Quality is a great issue when one is operating at such a large level. To ascertain that its products and services meet world standards, Lab Express operates under strictest quality guidelines of USP, GMP, Kosher and Halal certifications and is also in compliance with FDA regulations, meets USP and manufactures under GMP and ISO standards. Its operations are global and to see to it that product reaches the client in the best possible shape, Lab Express uses state of the art packaging techniques using drums, bags, and bulk super sacks.
These are the products & services offered by Lab Express and surely it is not an easy task to be such a major player.

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