Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What Differentiates Lab Express?

Competition is everywhere and a firm needs to do whatever it can to stand apart from its rivals. A chemical firm is no different and it has to make sure that it remains in the eye of clients, one way or the other. While a number of chemical players are doing the same through aggressive advertising in visual and audio mediums, as a chemical manufacturing company, Lab Express decided to take a slightly different path to gain acknowledgement. Rather than spending big dollars on advertising, the firm focused on enhancing other aspects of its services. Following are some of the elements Lab Express focused on to differentiate itself.
  • Custom Manufacturing :P roduct lines of Lab Express offered API’s, veterinaries, intermediates, food & feed additives, dyestuffs, pigments and silane coupling agents along with chemicals like Polyethylene Glycol NF and Lidocaine USP. However, even after having such an extensive line, the firm realized that to stay on top, it also requires to offer services of custom manufacturing. The reason behind the shift is stated that needs of multinational manufacturers are changing and thus their chemical specialists also need to change for survival. Also, a manufacturer mostly prefers to partner with a firm that can meet all its needs so that there is no requirement to hire another vendor.
  • Special Packaging :Chemicals need special treatment in terms of packaging for safe delivery and minimizing chances of shipment returns. Chemicals in liquid state require different handling as compared to the ones derived from powder blending and dry blending. Lab Express acknowledges the fact of special packaging and makes use of drums, bags and bulk supersacks to make sure product remains in good shape on its journey to the client. In case of large orders, packaging is an issue that manufacturers regards very vital to avoid product damage of any kind.
  • Other Services :As aforementioned, needs of manufacturers have altered with the passage of time. To evolve better products, they need custom chemicals, formulations and molecular alterations as per the specifications of R&D department. Hence, services like liquid blending and custom blending are very crucial. If a client asks for some specific service and a chemical firm is not able to entertain the request, the concerned party would surely come in contact with another chemicals dealer. This might not work best for the business. Lab Express realizes this and offers most of the popular services to its clients.
  • Technical Assistance :There are a number of cases in which clients have little idea about what they are looking for. In such a scenario, having technical experts that find the chemicals that meet client’s description is very important. Lab Express could be reached through mail, telephone, fax or by requesting a bulk quote to discuss anything related to lab chemicals. If client has any specific requirements, even that are taken care of by the technical assistance staff.
  • Experience :It takes time to understand a market and what clients actually require. Firms that have long spells in the same industry know the advantage of experience. Lab express has been in the chemical business since 1998 and that is why it is regarded highly by clients and rivals alike. It has catered to the chemical needs of small as well as Fortune 500 companies. However, being seasoned player hasn’t reduced its drive for growth and perfection. Lab express is a dynamic firm that has a strong presence on internet too.
Hence it could be stated that apart from dealing in USP chemicals, laboratory chemicals, amino acids, food grade materials, cosmetics ingredients, organic chemicals, bacitracin zinc, inorganic chemicals and food grade materials, it also deals in trust, integrity and quality service.
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