Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What Makes Lab Express Favorite for Chemicals?

Nowadays, world runs on chemicals and there is no denying fact in it. Every consumer product, whether small or big, requires treatment by chemicals to increase shelf life, quality and sometimes to make it worth consuming. To function in such a demanding field requires hard work as well as perseverance and being one of the best in such a field is surely a task well accomplished.  Lab Express has done the same while operating in the chemicals field since 1998 and it has done it in the most promising fashion. Below mentioned points answer the question posed in the title.

Operating Under Quality Guidelines
While dealing in chemicals business, firm’s foremost task is to keep into consideration the guidelines fixed by different certifications. Being a chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company, Lab Express give utmost considerations to quality guidelines framed under USP, GMP, Kosher and Halal certifications.  Such certification reinforces the clients trust in the company and also accentuates its image. Such certifications become even more crucial when firm deals in specialized chemicals like Mineral oil USP and Bacitracin Zinc.

Rich Chemical Portfolio  
Different chemicals cater to different needs. Therefore, having a rich chemical portfolio is very important for a chemicals company. In this field, Lab Express scores the golden goal as it has around 20,000 fine chemicals and intermediates on offer. Such vast coverage makes it a one stop solution for varied chemical needs. By providing chemicals like Minoxidil USP and Vitamin B12 1%, it has garnered respect of major chemical players in the industry.

Catering to the Best

It is popularly said that a company’s clients tell a lot about the company itself and the fact is indeed true. If a company’s clients are big players in their respective fields, it means that the company is a trusted name and is good at what it does. Lab Express fits perfectly in the saying as it has been working in close proximity with Fortune 500 companies from a long time. Along with partnering with MNC’s, it also helps small and medium enterprises in meeting their needs of chemicals like Vitamin K1.


If a company is catering to clients located all round the world, it can’t do without top notch packaging services. Chemicals need more than just poly bags to carry; they need fiber drums, bags, 55 gallon drums (steel and poly) and totes. Therefore, having a strong packaging unit to deliver the chemicals safely works in favor of the firm. Lab Express sees to it that its products reach clients in the best and easy to manage shape.

Other Services

Chemical industry is no longer just into production. It provides services of different types to its clients. This gives an additional advantage to the company over its rivals that are just in manufacturing. Granulation, formulations, micronization, powder blending, liquid blending, special packaging and many other services, gives Lab Express an edge over its rivals.
Along with all the above points, being active in veterinaries, intermediates, food & feed additives, chemicals like water USP purified, dyestuffs, pigments and ion resins is of crucial importance as demand of mentioned compounds usually remains high. It is not easy to be a favorite but Lab Express has achieved it well.

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