Thursday, 26 April 2012

Lab Express: Chemical Partner In Growth

The world is no longer all about food, clothing and shelter. Though the three are still the most important, humans, nowadays, need a lot more than that to keep themselves going. Cosmetics, medicines, domestic consumable products, processed foods, Laboratory Chemical Suppliers, detergents and furniture are some of the items that we come across on day to day basis. And companies who make all these products needs chemicals and pharmaceuticals as part or whole ingredients. Thus, the need of a chemical partner for such companies is a great one and to the same need caters Lab Express.

The lab chemicals and pharmaceutical company from USA is involved in manufacturing and distribution of 20,000 different kinds of products. Through its large network, it caters to its clients scattered all around the globe. Though there are number of players in the chemical business, limited firms, like Lab Express, are operating under strict quality guidelines that come from USP, GMP, Kosher and Halal certifications.

The company, which also belong to the Inositol USP  group, when started operations in 1998 was not as big as it is now. It is with the passage of time and by operating under strict quality parameters that it became suppliers to Fortune 500 companies. Today, utmost important is given to safety procedures put into use during making of these chemicals and here too, Lab Express scores over its rivals by complying with GMP and ISO standards.

While there are a number of companies manufacturing simple compounds, complex chemicals like Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20% solution is not something everyone can come up with. API’s, Veterinaries, Intermediates, Food & Feed Additives, Cosmetic, Nutritional Ingredients, Dyestuffs, Pigments, Silane Coupling Agents and Ion Resins are some of the products that it has mastery over.

Along with being in the manufacturing business, Lab Express also provides number of services in chemical processing field. Custom Blending and Manufacturing, Granulation, Liquid Blending, Powder Blending and Micronization are some of the fields in which the firm has earned a name by using advanced machinery and adhering to customer specifications.

Lab Express also has expertise in the field of packaging and technical services. It is only by offering such vast combination of products and services that the firm has become a global name in the field of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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