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Acetonitrile, HPLC - Chemical Details, Uses and Suppliers

Acetonitrile is a colorless compound with chemical formula, CH3CN. It is mostly derived as a byproduct from the manufacturing process of acrylonitrile. French chemist Jean-Baptiste Dumas made the chemical in his laboratory for the first time in 1847. The chemical is highly soluble in water and has a limited global demand.

Molecular Formula Acetonitrile : C2H3N

Most popular usage of Acetonitrile is in the purification process of butadiene. During the process, it used in refineries as a solvent.

Due to its ability to dissolve electrolytes, it is used in battery applications. Its property of low chemical reactivity also makes it favorable for liquid chromatography

The chemical is also used for the extraction of fatty acids from animal & vegetable oils and molding of plastic materials.

In addition to various industry applications, Acetonitrile is also serves multiple purposes in laboratories as it dissolves in a wide range of ionic and nonpolar compounds.

It has various applications as industry solvent. It also acts as a solvent in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and photographic film too.

While consuming small quantity of Acetonitrile can lead to no serious harm, heavy dosage or consumption through inhalation, ingestion and skin absorption can lead to;
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Slow pulse rate
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsions
  • Coma
In European Economic Area, its usage was banned in cosmetic products.

As mentioned above, Acetonitrile is one of the most important byproduct in acrylonitrile manufacturing process. In addition to that, it can be produced from various other processes such as dehydration of acetamide. The year 2008 saw a global slowdown in the supply of the chemical due to production interruptions for multiple reasons.

Even though Acetonitrile has a vast number of industrial and laboratory uses, only few chemical companies have been able to make a global reputation as its suppliers. Lab Express is one of the leading chemical manufacturing & distribution companies that meets global demand of Acetonitrile.
Active in the chemicals business since 1998, the company maintains an extensive catalogue of 20,000 chemicals and intermediates.

It offers following variants of Acetonitrile;
  • HPLC acetonitrile
  • Anhydrous acetonitrile
  • Biotech acetonitrile
For More Information Visit labexpress Acetonitrile , HLPC Web page .

Pricing Details on variants of Acetonitrile By Lab Express International
Unit Size Sku Number Catalog Price Your Price
100 ML A1960-100ML $61.9 $61.9000
1 LT A1960-1LT $112.6 $112.6000

WATER (100 ml size) -- 0.005 %
WATER (1L size) -- 0.001 %

Acetonitrile, Anhydrous, OmniSolv®, For Biosynthesis
  • Methyl Cyanide CH3CN 
  • For Pricing Details Visit Page

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