Friday, 26 April 2013

Chemicals Blending Services & Packaging - Challenges and Considerations

Chemical requirements of product manufacturers and pharmaceutical units have changed a lot in the last decade, and global chemical firms are doing everything to meet the altered needs. While global chemical production rose by 2.6% in 2012, the demand of chemical related services also showed a promising trend. That said, the field of chemicals services, especially blending and packaging, has its share of challenges. Below are listed some of the challenges faced.

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Industry specific needs

Every industrial unit has a different need when it comes to blending related services. While some require gentle tumble blending in simple mode, other ask for controlled batch made. Some ingredients are not that easy to mix and thus require high shear efforts. So, it can be said that chemical blending operations can be simple as well as complicated depending on the ingredients. Leading chemical suppliers that offer services maintain physical infrastructure to meet all such varying requirements.

Sampling and quality control

Rendering the exact mix sought is a demanding task. Not only it asks for careful sampling and related procedures, laboratory technicians also have to keep the blender speed, percent fill, number of rotations and other details in check for references. Sampling can be done by point location collection or collecting multiple samples during blender discharge. Presence of expert technicians is equally crucial for the whole custom blending process.


During the whole blending process, making sure that chemicals retain their high quality grade is a challenge in itself. To promise the same, seasoned chemicals firm install mixers that come with sanitary features. Along with superior vessel designs and stainless construction, the engineers and staff play a very critical role in making sure that high-quality mix reaches the client. Seasoned chemical distributors promote hygiene amongst their staff to make sure quality of their products doesn’t suffer.

Bulk packaging

Industries require chemicals in large quantities but usually prefer their order in packages that can be easily managed, stored and moved. Hence, the provision of bulk packaging is critical to any chemicals supplier that wishes to become a dominant name in the chemicals industry. Drums, bags and bulk super-sacks are often used to pack the resultant mix of liquid blending and powder blending. To furnish chemical product in the way client wants it, provision of special packaging is critical.

State-of-the-art machinery

Machinery plays a crucial role in both blending as well as packaging. Modern machinery comes with features that promise the specified mix at the minimum cost. Processes such as Granulation, formulations, and micronization ask for high end equipment. Reaching correct estimates relating to particle size, reactivity, color, and taste depends equally on sophisticated machinery and seasoned laboratory technicians. So, a chemicals firm cannot manage to work with outdated tools and equipments.

While above are few challenges related to dry blending, packaging and related processes, there are various others factors that influence product quality and delivery.

A seasoned chemicals supplier with global operations maintains their clientele by adhering to quality standards of GMP and ISO. So, make sure your chosen company has the right experience, product catalogue and reputation to furnish top quality chemicals.

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