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US Chemicals Market and Points to Consider While Choosing Chemical Partner

Chemicals industry forms the backbone of modern economies by supporting other industries in multiple ways. The past decades have seen humungous growth in the global chemical demand, and US is currently dominating the chemicals production and exports. The chemical related industries and units not only generate revenue for the economy but also provide large amount of employment.
US Chemicals Market

Present Scenario US authorities promote research and development in the field of chemicals, and also ensure enforcement of intellectual property rights. In addition to global chemical brands that have become household names, there are many chemical manufacturers and suppliers that have established themselves with the help of their quality products and services.

Chemical suppliers can be roughly categorized as follows;
  • Basic chemicals suppliers - These suppliers offer a vast range of products including polymers, resins, bulk petrochemicals and intermediates. Fertilizer manufacturers have to approach suppliers of basic chemicals for raw materials.
  • Specialty chemicals suppliers - These suppliers specialize in electronic chemicals, adhesives, sealants, coatings, industrial cleaning chemicals, catalysts and other related products. Specialty chemicals are also known as fine chemicals.
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals suppliers - These suppliers cater to the demand of diagnostics, prescription drugs, vaccines, vitamins, and pesticides.
In addition to the above three, there are suppliers that cater to the chemical requirements of manufacturers dealing in consumer and agricultural products. Some seasoned chemical firms USA supply to multiple industry segments with their extensive catalogue of chemical products and intermediates.
US chemicals industry witnessed R&D investment accounting to $56 billion in the year 2011, and there are plenty of signs that this number will grow with the passage of time.

Chemical demand and online transactions

With opening of markets in developing economies in recent decades, chemicals supply has gone global. The trend of online order placement is growing fast, and chemical suppliers active online are reaping the benefits.
ChemicalsInternational chemical brands nowadays give their clients the option to place bulk orders online to save time spent on personal interaction and communication. While web factor brings its share of benefits, one should prefer to join hands with a supplier that manufactures under strict quality guidelines and certifications. Such affirmations promise high quality products.

Learning about chemical storage guidelines followed by the potential supplier also helps in gaining insights about the practices followed during manufacturing and packaging.
In addition to maintaining extensive catalogue of chemicals, some US based suppliers also offer chemical related services to improve competitiveness and sustain long term partnerships. Maintaining multiple chemical partners doesn't bring any additional benefits, and the same is adding to the popularity of chemical suppliers that can render chemical services along with quality products.


Finding the right chemicals partner
is very critical for maintaining the product quality standards. There is no dearth of suppliers in the US market, and making sure you partner with the best is important. Go for experience, extensive chemical portfolio, and market reputation.
Joining hands with a firm that has business dealings with Fortune 500 companies is a sign of global reputation. So, be part of the US success story by partnering with a US chemical supplier.

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