Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Lab Express – It’s Not Just About 20K Chemicals

Manufacturing units and laboratories across the world depend on variety of chemicals to evolve products and conduct experiments. To meet their chemical need, they require joining hands with a chemical partner that can meet their exact requirements. Lab Express is one such chemicals supplier that keeps manufacturing processes running with its 20,000+ fine chemicals and intermediates.

Catering to the global chemical needs since 1998, the company is a celebrated name for quality and bulk purchase. Its offerings are in compliance with FDA regulations, meet USP guidelines and are manufactured under GMP and ISO standards. In addition the distinguished catalogue, it also offers chemical services such as micronization, formulations, powder blending, liquid blending, granulation and custom manufacturing.

Widely approached for food & feed additives, cosmetic and nutritional ingredients, dyestuffs, pigments, silane coupling agents, glycerin USP kosher and various intermediates, Lab Express has business partnerships with small as well as Fortune 500 companies. Idea about its truly global reach can be derived from the fact that it accepts online orders and maintains high quality standards in its manufacturing & distribution processes.

The company is equally known for its fast shipping and upfront support. For similar reasons, global manufacturers put their trust on Lab Express to Online Chemical Suppliers.

Lab Express is a chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company meeting chemicals needs since 1998. With its extensive chemicals & services catalogue, it caters to small, medium and Fortune 500 companies.

10 Madison Road, Suite A Fairfield,
NJ 07004

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