Monday, 21 January 2013

Chemicals Storage Guidelines and Points to Consider

When it comes to chemical storage for laboratories, one should always to keep safety guidelines in mind to avoid any kind of accidents. Government agencies and appointed bodies cover chemicals handling and storage by great lengths. Established chemical names also keep their buyers informed about what points one should always keep in mind while handling chemicals. Here are some crucial points and guidelines for storing chemicals in cabinets. Also included is a section on sensitive chemicals;

Cabinet storage of chemicals

While using cabinets for storing chemicals, one should firstly confirm the design requirements. Cabinets that are supposed to handle dangerous chemicals should confirm design requirements and standards set by appropriate bodies. While every institution or organization can choose to go for different method to store chemicals in their laboratories, here are some points that the best in the field keep in mind;

Location of cabinets - There is a fair possibility that majority of the chemicals kept in cabinets will be in liquid form. Hence, one over the other arrangement of cabinets is not suggested. This is primarily done to avoid spill. Cabinets also shall not be located under the stairs. In addition the mentioned points, a seasoned laboratory chemicals firm would also suggest that cabinets shall not become an obstruction at times of emergency.

Use of spill trays - Keeping chemical bottles in cabinets doesn’t eliminate the chances of spill. A spill from one bottle can clearly create scenario of further damage. Hence, use of spill trays is highly suggested. Similar chemicals can be kept in the same tray while non-reactive ones, though not in large numbers, can be clubbed together in the same tray... 

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