Monday, 17 December 2012

Benefits of Tying up With a Seasoned Chemicals Manufacturer

In the field of manufacturing, it is very critical whom you partner with for your raw material needs. An experienced supplier understands requirements, needs and makes sure that the business relationship goes a long way. The same logic works in the chemicals business too. Tying up with a seasoned chemicals manufacturer brings a number of other benefits. So, let’s underline some of them to understand how choosing a chemical supplier patiently & carefully makes business sense;

No need to switch suppliers

In any field, a company who has seen seasons change in a business can be trusted with quality and service. In case one partners with a chemicals company that has stood the test of time and has reputation in the market, the relationship goes a long way. This eliminates the need of switching chemical supplier again and again. Professional chemical firms make clients stay in the long run by maintaining an extensive catalogue of chemicals. So, even when a firm goes for expansion and introduces new product lines, the need to switch suppliers doesn’t come up.

Quick delivery

Market forces are unpredictable and demand of products can come at any moment. In such an uncertain scenario, production processes have to be speeded up. For production to continue uninterruptedly, need of faster delivery of raw materials is there. Seasoned chemical firms are aware of this, and thus, maintain stocks to meet such sudden demands. By maintaining better infrastructure and manufacturing environment, such firms can make industry & laboratory chemicals on short notice. So, quick delivery is there.


Quality is a major issue for manufacturers who are serious about rendering the best to their customers. Chemicals serve as an important ingredient in today’s manufacturing processes. In such a scenario, for instance, if a manufacturer uses ACS Chemicals in a process, he wishes to partner with a company who renders the best quality. Such a trust can only be placed on an experienced firm. The proven fact is that the company can survive the present market only it garners trust from its clients.

Bulk discounts

Bulk manufacturing gives rise to economies of scale and further helps in bringing down the cost. The price of a product is determined by the cost involved in making it. As aforementioned, chemicals nowadays form a major part of the manufacturing cost, and hence discounts can really make a difference. Some seasoned firms give bulk discounts. This can help in bringing down the overall cost of the final product. For example, if your product uses mineral oil USP as an ingredient and you get a bulk discount, the decreased cost can be pushed in the price to attract more buyers or can be used to achieve some other objective.

Tying up with an established chemicals manufacturer makes perfect business sense as it brings so many benefits to the table. Renowned chemical firms nowadays also offer chemical services like powder blending and liquid blending to offer one stop solution to their clients.

So, partner with the best, and forget the rest.

Lab Express is chemicals manufacturing and distributing company active in the business since 1998. Along with 20,000 fine chemicals and intermediates, it also brings chemical services like liquid blending and micronization for its global clients.

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