Friday, 12 October 2012

Points to Consider while Handling and Distributing Chemicals

There is a great demand of chemicals as they play pivotal role in making products for modern usage. Hence, manufacturers require consistent supply of chemicals to keep goods on the supermarket shelves. For the same, chemical suppliers are there. While this was all about demand and supply, the aspect of safety during distribution is also crucial to make sure that chemicals reach the manufacturers in perfect condition. Following are the basic safety points to be considered while distributing and transporting chemicals.
Every chemical is distinct and has different properties and usage. Therefore, it is important to label the details on the containers it is being transported in. Details like
  • Chemical’s name
  • Manufacturing date
  • Manufacturing company’s name
  • Concentration
  • Hazardous
  • Emergency information
All information needs to be clearly indicated. For receiver’s convenience too, labeling is significant. It helps in segregation according to the nature of the chemicals.
Use of symbols
Be it industry or lab chemicals, symbols always help when it comes to handling chemicals. Every chemical has a specific category and only the ones belonging to the same category need to be stored together. Identification can be simplified through the use of symbols. For instance, the symbol or sign of TOXIC with skull and crossbones indicate that the chemical is poisonous. In the same way, there are signs for corrosive chemicals, oxidizing substances and flammable chemicals. Separate symbols can be used to simplify handling procedures.

Safety procedures :

Chemicals Safety procedure
In case of chemicals distribution and transportation, there are a huge number of safety procedures in place to be followed. There are safety considerations for
  • Vehicle
  • Packaging
  • Stacking
  • safety equipment
  • Physical conditions.
So, it can be deciphered that chemicals like DL-Methionine which is used as supplements for pets will demand different handling procedures as compared to hazardous industry chemicals. So, procedures can vary from chemical to chemical and it is the job of the chemicals firm to make arrangements for safe transfer.

Using Material Safety Data Sheet :
Chemicals Special packaging
MSDS, also known by its full name ‘Material Safety Data Sheet’, underlines critical information about the chemical, its properties and handling guidelines. Using the same can simplify the work to much extent as one becomes familiar with chemical’s name, key ingredients, product code, storage, handling and number of other details. MSDS streamlines tasks and chances of missing something important about a chemical, say, Minoxidil USP are minimized.

Special packaging :
There are a number of chemical firms that offer the service of special packaging to make sure that supplies reach to the client in the way they prefer. According to the requirement of the client, drums, bags and bulk supersacks are used to transport the chemicals safely. Manufacturers looking for laboratory chemical supplies also sometimes ask for special packaging.

Safety procedures vary from chemical to chemical. While chemicals in liquid form ask for different packaging and handling, products rendered by procedure of powder blending ask for different treatment.
So, do remember the points mentioned above to guarantee safe handling and distribution. And if you are planning to buy pure chemicals online, partner with only an established firm with experience and extensive portfolio.

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